Friday, April 20, 2012

Snapshots of Hope

In the long blur of months that have been riddled with pain and questions, we have been seeking.  Seeking to know where we go from here; wanting to know where we are being led. 

Suddenly, after what has seemed an eternal and deafening silence, He spoke.  He is leading with more deliberate guidance than I have ever experienced, and there is peace that confirms His hand in our lives.

This photo was taken by a precious lady who is a blogger friend of mine.... this simple phrase hanging in a hospital gift shop spoke to her heart, and she used it to speak to mine.  I love it when even the smallest things are placed in just the right moment of our lives to bring encouragement and hope.

Someday soon, the rest of the story.  For now, please pray that we will continue to hear God's voice and He will protect, heal, and use us on this journey we are embarking on.

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