Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Things

In all the hurt and uncertainty... good things are happening.... This week marks the first steps in some important journeys for our family...
Please remember us in your prayers this week... pray we will stay focused and working as a team... that we will make it to all of our appointments with as little stress as possible... that we will be protected from negative thoughts... that we will be rested. That God will do great things in us and through us. We believe...


  1. Thanks Hannah and Mark for being at SFMC-NICU today for Donna's presentation. Thanks you for being who and whose you are. You both humble me! Blessings and peace to you and the kids. Deb Keithley

  2. Deb~ We wouldn't have missed it. All of you have had a big part in our lives... you're practically family. We are thankful for your part in the small miracles we have been blessed with, and will always remember your caring heart.

    Always~ Hannah


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