Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Right now all I can taste is bitter tears.  Just when I thought I had spilled every last one, another flood comes rushing.  That's the thing of life, isn't it?  Every day requires our tears; joyful tears, bitter tears, tears of mourning, tears of relief.  That is where we see again the paradigm of joy and sorrow, sorrow and joy.  The same hot, rolling tear can mean the both of them.

In the weeping, we hope that the rush of our joyous tears can drown out the flood of droplets that burn with deepest heartache; that someday each tear that has been counted and held will dissolve with the radiance of true healing.

There is not much that will express my true heart right now, other than the sobs which tell far more than my words can explain.

While this night of weeping seems to have no end, I rest in knowing each tender drop is captured by the only One who knows the meaning behind each one.

"He'll wipe every tear from our eyes, and make everything new just like He promised.  Wait and see..."  ~Steven Curtis Chapman 

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